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We are regularly approached by customers who have lost the lock nut key for their alloy wheels. Many times we have a matching, generic lock nut key to suit the wheels supplied “locally” by wheel suppliers such as CSA and ROH. Alternatively, we can remove simple lock nut styles by application of some brute force, and then replace with a new set of lock nuts.

The problem cases usually involve European marques such as BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Citroen and Ford. Lock nuts for some of these vehicle are impossible to remove if the lock nut has been damaged or lost.

We have had remarkably good results in sourcing replacement lock nut keys via a very efficient and service oriented supplier in Germany, and have had a new lock nut supplied within one working week of us sending a digital photograph to Germany and requesting DHL courier delivery to us.

As amazing as it might seem, our supplier even ships the parts to us without asking for payment in advance, which would normally delay the supply process further. The total cost to the customer is usually less than $100 and resolves what can be a major problem if the customer cannot service his tyres or brakes.

We recently had a customer with a Ford Focus XR5 who had booked in for a new set of tyres, but he had lost his lock nut key. His tyres were in very bad condition, making the car a liability for safe driving. After taking a picture of the lock nut and emailing to Germany we had a quotation in hand and the new lock nut delivered to us within seven days, including a weekend. Total cost to the customer was $95 and he was very pleased both with the fast turnaround and the reasonable price.

At Morley Tyrepower, we can’t always guarantee that we can find a solution to problems with lock nuts, but we try our best.

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